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Betterton, MSCED




A.R.K.ologist (Awaken.Realize.Know), Blessivist, Community Economic Development Specialist, Earthist, and StewardHeir of programs for Mindful Successful Living  and a series of 16 stand-alone publications and courses for Solving Life’s Success Puzzles. We publish a daily newsletter from Planet Blessed and Mindfully Blessed each with a Blessism, a journal and meditation prompt, a video and podcast episode reinforcing the daily Blessism, featured resources related to the daily Blessism, along with an image and video of the Mindful Earthism for that day.

I presently serve as StewardHeir of “Acres of Diamonds in the Rough” consisting of nonprofit and cause-oriented corporations, programs, and publications in various stages of “completion” including a collaborative publishing, marketing, and training benefit corporation we are establishing.

My background includes 15 years civil service in disaster relief, turn-around-management, and community development, 25 years living in intentional communities, masters in people-centered Community Economic Development (focusing on self-help, empowerment, and capacity-building).

I resonate deeply with Bucky Fuller‘s vision of betterment for 100% of humanity and seek to help Expand the Circle of Success Education, Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship partly through Planet Blessed, and our forthcoming Ultimate YOUniversity for Successful Living and through serving with John B. Cobb, Jr. on the organizing committee and as Executive Director of the Living Earth Movement.

My favorite resources for LOVE are The Love Foundation ( and The Love Center ( presently being redesigned to include new programs inspired by World Unity Week)



Earth/ Climate Action, LOVE Action, Regenerative Efforts/ Sustainability, Health & Wellness, Health & Wellness: MEDITATION

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Kankakee, Illinois USA

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+1 760-212-9931